Omega-3 Plus – Super Brain Support

Stay sharp, focused, and productive with just two capsules per day! While all high-quality Omega-3 supplements provide you with anti-inflammatory benefits, this one is a stand-out for your brain.

How is it different? Researchers have found that the human brain will absorb up to 50X more Omega-3 when it’s taken directly from the brains of fish, so that’s what you’ll get with Omega-3 Plus. Sourced from wild salmon that have never been exposed to toxic waters, it’s literal brain food.

You can skip those nasty “fish burps” you get from other fish oil supplements too — because these capsules are produced with enzymes and cold water to prevent gastric upset! So not only will Omega-3 Plus help you release pain and increase your blood flow and circulation, but it will also improve digestion and give your brain that extra boost of alertness and focus.

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Omega-3 Plus is a revolutionary form of omega-3 fatty acids derived from wild salmon to support a healthy heart and brain.

  • The omega-3 in Omega-3 Plus is more efficiently absorbed than other omega oil supplements.
  • Produced with enzymes and cold water, using no heat, pressure or solvents.
  • Does not cause gastric upset or “fish burps” common to the use of commercial fish oils.

3rd party tested for purity – No toxins, heavy metals, or contaminants. Zero rancidity.

60 tablets

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Take 1-2 tablets daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


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