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Why Won’t He Marry Me?

Are you with a man who’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of — except that he just won’t say “I do”?
Are you wondering if he will ever come around and finally make things “official”?
As frustrating and challenging as this can be, there are a few key reasons that men resist those big “official” commitments — like marriage!
Understanding how and why he thinks this way will help you make the best decision for yourself and ultimately get the love and relationship you truly want.

The Rubberband: A Simple Yet Little Known Way to Light Your Passion On Fire!

The passion was electric in the beginning! You couldn’t keep your hands off each other.
But now it’s gone (or at least fizzling).
You’re desperate for someone to tell you how the heck to bring that back.
I’m going to show you two ways to light your passion on fire! One of them you’ve seen in movies and you should avoid like the plague. The other is called “The Rubberband.” It’s totally counter-intuitive, but what can I say? It works like a charm.

How Can I Help My Depressed Wife Feel Happy Again?

You’re looking at your wife — she’s down, irritable, and generally not happy. You feel helpless.
Although it’s natural to feel down sometimes, it’s not natural to stay down.
This is a big challenge for everyone in a relationship, but there is good news. There is something you can do to help her find happiness.
Discover below how YOU uniquely can bring out a certain side of your partner to help her feel like herself again.

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