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How to Overcome Hurt Feelings and Open Your Heart Again

Are hurt feelings getting in the way of your relationship?
Everybody makes mistakes. No road is totally smooth.
What I want you to know is that there is a healthy way to move those emotions “out from between you” so you can give your relationship its best shot.
In this post, I’ll explain what all women can learn and do in order to move past hurt feelings so you can open your heart and experience all the romance and love you deserve.

How to Get a Girl Out of Your League: The 3-Minute Secret

Are you wondering how to get a girl out of your league? Because the ones you fall for are always are, right?
You dig down deep for courage, you make your move (usually some kind of text, email, dating, or social media app) and then…
Crickets. Or worse, she turns you down directly. Ouch.
I’m going to show you the AMAZING 3-minute secret to getting the women you are interested in to show an interest in you.

When a Man Needs Space: What to Say When You Need Time Alone

What to do when a man needs space?
I find this to be one of the biggest challenges in relationships!
If you’re in need of alone time and not sure how to communicate that to your partner, I have some good news — there are ways to tell her that you need space that will actually be supportive to the relationship.
In this post, I’ll share exactly what to say when a man needs space so his partner understands, appreciates him, and gives him the time alone that he needs.

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