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Getting Back Together After Breaking Up: Does It Work?

If your partner pulls away or suddenly ends things, it’s hard not to wonder if getting back together after breaking up is possible.
Making matters even harder, most women will immediately think it was their fault.
Those thoughts are normal and natural.
In this post, I’ll share why him pulling away or even suddenly ending things doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you and what you can say and do to give your relationship the best shot at a healthy, thriving future.

MV Quick Tip: How to Weather Relationship Ups and Downs

In order to experience more love from your partner we find this simple approach works wonders:
To be successful in our relationships, we must accept and understand the different seasons of love.
A relationship is not a stationary object that remains the same all the time.
It’s more of a living thing or an ecosystem — like a garden.
If you’re wondering how to easily come back to love when things feel challenging in your relationship, you’ll love today’s MarsVenus Quick Tip!

Do Soulmates Exist? (And How to Connect With Yours!)

Dating is exhausting, and I’m sick of it! Are you even wondering, “Do soulmates exist” at this point?
They do, by the way. Here's the thing: We’ve put “soulmate” and “Mr. or Ms. Perfect” on a pedestal for so long and piled it so high with unrealistic expectations that we can’t recognize the thing when it’s right in front of us.
In this post, I’m going to show you how you can get your hands on one! You’ll learn who your soulmate is, how to recognize them, what gets in the way, and how to create a soulmate-level relationship.

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