Niacin – Vitamin B3 – Improves Circulation and Cardiovascular Health

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A tingly rush of energy! A flushing of your face! A slow build of warm sensations making their way across every inch of your body…

No, we’re not talking about you know what, we’re talking about niacin!

Niacin is vitamin B3 – a magical supplement that helps with circulation and cardiovascular health. Blood flow increases which improves brain function (for kids and adults!), brings oxygen to the cells (anti-aging!), boosts energy (yes!), makes exercise more efficient (less work, more results!), and can even boost your sex-hormones!

Good circulation is so much more than not having your feet fall asleep! It’s the key to energy, vitality, and feeling your best.

*Just remember to take it slow. Start with a small dose and build from there. Just like relationships, it’s worth it!

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Niacin is necessary for protein metabolism, energy production, and normal nervous system function. 

  • Supports cholesterol metabolism
  • Supports cholesterol levels already within normal limits
  • Niacin plays an essential role in the activities of various enzymes
  • Niacin is necessary for protein metabolism, energy production, and normal nervous system function

Niacin is required for the production of the adrenal and sex hormones. It is most helpful for regulating blood sugar and lowering cholesterol levels, but it also helps maintain good blood circulation, healthy robust skin condition, and normal functioning of the brain. It is also believed to boost memory and ease joint pain.

90 capsules (100 mg).

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Weight 2 oz
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Niacin (Vitamin B3) 100mg
Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose


Start light with a 1/4 tablet for the first couple days and slowly build up to taking 1 tablet, 1-5 times per day or as directed by a health professional.

To receive John Gray’s suggestions and protocols in using this product for your specific concerns, click here for your free wellness guide.



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