New Living Expo – San Mateo (May 6 -8, 2022)

The 2022 New Living Expo is the largest event of its kind in Northern California. Come and enjoy three full days of lectures, workshops, special events, and panels of best-selling authors (like John!) and leaders in health, consciousness, spirituality, and science. You’ll have full access to a marketplace of over 170 vendors offering new developments in:

  • Nutrition Brain enhancement
  • Sustainable living
  • Anti-aging products
  • Bodywork
  • Crystals and more!


PLUS, on May 6th, John Gray will be offering a free workshop, Hormonal Reactions Between Men and Women, that will cover:

  • The unique ways that each gender deals with stress
  • How stress hormones harm our health and complicate our ability to relate to one another
  • The important role of “superfoods” and good nutrition in replenishing hormones
  • How balancing our blood sugar is intricately connected to balancing our hormones
  • How achieving hormonal balance will not only improve our relationships but give us the strength and energy to cope with the challenges of our modern lifestyles