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Get cutting-edge insider secrets on creating your ideal love life, success, health, and happiness with this year-long membership with John Gray! Each month John will cover a new topic like:

Nurturing your personal growth, understanding your differences in a positive light, communicating so your partner can hear you, managing stress effectively, letting go of the past to keep your heart open and creating lasting attraction, romance, and intimacy.

So by the end of the year, you’ll have a comprehensive, mindset-changing experience that will touch every area of your life! Ready to make this year YOUR year of transformation?

Price: $120.00 / year



So tell me, are you in a relationship that brings out the best in YOU?

No? Then you are in the right place.

You are 100% capable of building a relationship that is fulfilling, adventurous, and brings out the best in YOU (and your partner).

Whether you’re currently single, married, recently divorced, or just want to be closer to friends and family, you have the power to build healthy, thriving, FUN relationships that last a lifetime.

But first, you need to work on uncovering the best version of you!

Tell me, does it ever feel like…

  •   You’re not with THE ONE? Maybe you’ve been struggling to attract love into your life. Instead of the partner of your dreams, you’re just finding duds. Or perhaps you and your partner are starting to voice concerns about breaking up or even getting a divorce.
  •   Your partner doesn’t listen? Maybe your husband feels distant, or your wife seems like she’s not the woman you married. You wonder, “Where did he go?” or “How to get her back?” There’s nagging, bickering or worse, not much conversation at all.  You feel like your emotional needs aren’t being met, and your partner just won’t listen.
  •   The passion is gone? There’s no drive, intimacy or spark left in your relationship. You started out with nights of passionate love but now you’re sleeping side by side facing opposite directions, and don’t know what to do.
  •   You think you may be sabotaging your relationships? You find yourself picking fights, feeling impatient, and getting irritable with your partner WAY more than you want to but you have no idea how to stop.
  •   Life is stuck in a rut? Your health, career, and relationship (or lack of relationship) all feel like they’re falling short of expectations. You have a feeling it’s all connected but not sure how to transform your life into the one you WANT to be living.

Sound familiar?

That’s because having a fantastic relationship is undeniably connected to your mindset, health, stress levels, and general well-being.


Because before you build or find meaningful, passionate relationships, you need to work on loving YOURSELF.

When you come from a place of confidence and self-love then the rest of your life will fall into place. You will see your career, health, and attitude transform because you’ll have an easier time making healthy choices and approach the world from a positive point of view.

And with that positive point of view and overflowing self-love and confidence, that positivity and confidence will only expand around you.

Picture a life where…

  •      You’ve found the love of your life.  You are finally in a relationship (new or existing) that lifts you up, and brings out the best in you.  This healthy, strong, loving relationship is the foundation of your fulfilling, amazing life.
  •      Your body feels healthy and vigorous. It’s easy to participate in a more active lifestyle and eat foods that nourish your body because you want to treat yourself with love. You find yourself wanting to continue to fuel your new adventurous spirit with delicious, healthy choices.
  •      You regularly enjoy amazing sex. Initiating, and maintaining a healthy, satisfying sex life comes easily and naturally because you have a better understanding of the opposite sex. Your reawakened sex drive creates an intense intimacy that helps improve all areas of your life and spirituality.
  •      Communication is a SNAP.  Whether it’s friends, family, co-workers or a romantic partner, since you have a better understanding of how both sexes communicate you find it easy to ask for what you need, resolve conflict productively, and bring out the best in others.
  •      Your confidence radiates. You feel free to fully express yourself!  Because you’ve taken the time to look within, you’re better able to attract your soul mate and inspire a deeper connection in all of your relationships.

Sound remarkable? Well, that actually could be YOUR life.

The truth is everyone is capable of finding and building the life and relationship of their dreams. John Gray has helped millions achieve this goal, and now he wants to help YOU!

Ready to make this year YOUR year of transformation?

Join the Mars Venus Insider Program!


This year-long program gives you an elite, all-access pass to John Gray’s daily video seminar series, exclusive monthly conference calls, and discounts on Mars Venus events and products.

Each month John will cover a new topic like: Nurturing your personal growth, understanding your differences in a positive light, communicating so your partner can hear you, managing stress effectively, letting go of the past to keep your heart open and creating lasting attraction, romance, and intimacy. So by the end of the year you’ll have a comprehensive, mindset-changing experience that will touch every area of your life!

Here’s our full schedule:

Don’t worry, if you sign up midyear, you’ll receive access to all the previous video content and recorded conference calls. And you’ll maintain access for a full year past your signup date!

January: Personal Growth & Development

John Gray will teach you how to focus on your personal growth and development to strengthen your current relationship or help you find the RIGHT partner.  He’ll share insights on how to continue your personal growth throughout this year and beyond.

February: Find or create your Soul Mate relationship.

We all hear the term ‘soul mate’ tossed around but what does it mean?  Learn how a soul mate relationship is different from a role mate relationship where men and women fall into specific, rigid boxes.  Learn new communication skills to transform a relationship into a soul mate bond.

March: Love & Success

What does love have to do with success? John Gray will show you how the health of your relationships directly supports greater outer success. Learn how to shift your mindset and invite prosperity into your life.

April: Health & Wellness

With a healthy body supporting a healthy mind, you will experience energy, passion and great sex. Learn gender specific natural solutions, supplements, and nutrition and within weeks, you will experience improved brain performance and hormone balance so that you feel happier and more fulfilled in all areas of your life.

May: The Secret of Happiness

In a month full of weddings it’s easy to feel what we’re missing in life – whether that’s a partner or the fact that you don’t have the relationship you dreamed of on your wedding day. But the secret of happiness is that it’s already inside. John Gray will show you how to find it over and over again no matter what’s in your newsfeed.

June: Parenting and Negotiation

This month you’ll learn how to effectively parent without letting your relationship suffer in the process, even if you have totally different parenting styles. Not a parent or past that stage in life? Don’t worry, much of this info will still be relevant regarding communication and negotiation with your partner.

July: Communication

This is a big one. Communication is the core of a healthy relationship. And the truth is, men and women communicate differently. Once you understand your differences in a positive way, communication improves. You will be capable of stopping arguments before they happen, and have a better understanding of your partner.

August: Marriage

This month is all about how to sustain a relationship LONG TERM. How do you keep things exciting both in and out of the bedroom? Can you prevent bickering? Is there a way to know if your partner is THE ONE. We answer all of these questions and more in August!

September: Dating

These aren’t your typical dating tips. In addition to learning how to attract the opposite sex and communicate on a date, you’ll also develop the inner confidence to have fun in the dating process, as well as recognize the right partner for you. And don’t worry, if you already have a partner, these skills still apply to keeping your relationship fresh and romantic.

October: Radiant Mind

Cultivate your full mental potential to express all your talents and experience inner peace and happiness. Developing your Radiant Mind will boost your sense of purpose, confidence and love.

November: Healing The Heart & Starting Over

Getting over a breakup, divorce or loss can be the hardest pain to heal. John will teach you new insights and techniques to heal a broken heart so that you can let go of the past and open your heart to the love you deserve right now.

December: Stress Management

What do stress levels have to do with relationships? Everything. Stress is a HUGE factor in how we view ourselves, how we react to loved ones, and how we balance our work and home life. John will teach you gender-specific insights to better manage your stress, so it doesn’t interfere with your well-being. In fact, applying these solutions actually nourishes and enriches your life and relationships in surprising new ways.

Mars Venus Insiders will have exclusive access to:

  • Daily Video Seminar Series – Every weekday John Gray will release an in-depth video seminar that relates to the monthly theme. You can choose the topics that resonate most with you, watch at your leisure, and prepare for your monthly calls. Insiders will also receive access to the entire Insiders-only video library so you can watch at your pace and catch up on content you’ve missed or wish to re-watch anytime. ($3500 value)
  • Monthly Conference calls (for 12 months)- Each month John will give a LIVE video conference call exclusively for Insiders. On this call, John will travel deeper into that month’s topic. You will also have the opportunity to submit questions for John to answer for everyone. ($1500 value)
  • Exclusive Email Invitations: Every Monday you’ll receive that weeks featured seminar series.  You can choose to follow along or watch on your terms! John will also notify you of the time and date of that month’s conference call and where you can submit your questions ahead of time to be considered for the call.


Plus, you’ll receive the following BONUSES!

Secrets to Great Sex Academy Course

In this online course, John Gray explains the psychological and physical differences between men and women in the bedroom. You’ll learn new insights and communication skills to ensure both you and your partner experience fulfillment in this important area of your relationship. . In this open and honest series, John provides juicy details for pleasuring your partner in the bedroom and how that will improve your relationship and life! ($97 value)

Discounts on Live Seminars and Workshops – You’ll receive BIG discounts on John Gray’s LIVE seminars. John holds events all over the country where you’ll get to work with him in person and participate in these life-changing experiences.

Exclusive Coupons for MarsVenus.com – In his seminars, John recommends certain supplements and wellness solutions that will help you manage stress, feel more energetic, and improve your brain function. These vitamins, supplements, and nutritional plans will support you as you implement these new insights into your life with ease and success! As an insider, you receive special discounts on these recommendations!

As an Insider, you receive a YEAR’S worth of content (valued at $5000) for the low price of just $120!




This program is like a road map for making love work. Love for my husband. Love for my kids. Love for myself! I like how John continues to add to what I learned in Men are From Mars but he makes it more for modern times and needs.
– Carmen Class

John Gray’s daily shows have been more helpful to me than any therapy or counseling I’ve had before. I’ve learned so many things about life and relationships – all helping me to find my true self and open my heart.
– Christine Picker

Watching John Gray‘s Insider Seminars is the foundation to a happy life. Every single video show teaches me something new. John teaches concepts so simple yet so powerful. I’ve learned how to be responsible for my own happiness instead of waiting for someone else to make me happy. I’ve learned more with this program than in my 30 years of life.
– Cathia Grassilli

I love how John stays on the cutting-edge of natural health alternatives and good, powerful communication. His daily shows have changed my life in so many ways. I have been listening better, eating healthier and staying conscious of my life. Thank you John!
– William Munz

John’s advice shows are so fun to watch! He explains things so simply and opens your mind to new possibilities every day. It is my go-to-show when I’m getting ready in the morning.
– Anab Hersi

John gives a clear perspective on the male brain and how men and women think and interact with each other. Plus, he’s hilarious! I watch all his daily shows to the end!
– Adam McCormick

I am obsessed with learning the differences between men and woman and what works for better communications and what gets in the way. I love the way John explains it all!
– Luci Drummond



  • What if I sign up mid-year?
    Not a problem, You can join us at any time, and your membership will last ONE year from your start date. Come on in the water’s fine! We love to welcome new Insiders!
  • Will I get private access to John Gray?
    You will have the exclusive opportunity to submit questions for his monthly conference calls. He won’t be able to answer every question, but he will pick the best ones that will most benefit the group!  You’ll also get discounts to LIVE events where you CAN interact with John one-on-one!
  • What if I miss a daily video?
    No worries! You’ll have 24/7 access to John Gray’s full library of timeless videos and new content as it’s released!  You can skip a week and binge watch anytime.
  • What if I discover the Insider program isn’t for me?
    If you discover this program isn’t for you, we provide a FULL 30-day money back guarantee. You have 30 days, risk-free, to test out the program and see how it can improve your life!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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