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Life isn’t fair. It doesn’t give you a break just because you need one.

But the good news is, you don’t need to change outer circumstances in order to feel good again. You just need to support your brain to make these critical brain chemicals: serotonin for relaxation, dopamine for focus. With this balance, adults and kids thrive.

Enter: Lithium Orotate – The best kept secret in the nutritional world.

Why a secret? Because it’s often confused with the prescribed drug “Lithium Carbonate” – which is toxic.  Lithium Orotate is not a drug and is non-toxic.

This supplement isn’t just “safe” to take, it’s a gift that can change your life.

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Lithium orotate is a natural dietary supplement that can be used in small doses to manage stress and support a more positive mood. 

  • Helps support and balance mood.
  • Form of lithium that is combined with orotic acid to increase bioavailability.
  • Lithium orotate is different than lithium carbonate.

120 mg / 200 tablets

The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are the expressed opinion of John Gray for the sole purpose of educating the public regarding their health, happiness and improved quality of relationships. Individual results may vary. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns.


As an addition to the daily diet, take one tablet twice a day with meals or as directed by your health care professional.

Warning: If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, consult your health care professional before using this or any dietary supplement.

Children: Consult your health care professional before giving this or any dietary supplement to children.

Lithium Orotate should not be used by individuals with significant renal or cardiovascular diseases, severe debilitation or dehydration, or sodium depletion, and by individuals who are taking diuretics or ACE inhibitors.


To receive John Gray’s suggestions and protocols in using this product for your specific concerns, click here for your free wellness guide.



Lithium Orotate is an incredible mineral, I can’t believe how helpful it has been for me and its a naturally occurring trace mineral the body needs for proper brain function. If you are stressed, have atrocious anxiety or depression taking this mineral is going to significantly reduce those symptoms. My experience with this supplement is I find myself making more responsible and rational decisions and it instantly melts away my stress and anxiety, more ‘resilient’ to stress and negativity. I highly recommend this product. I would also like to thank Dr. John Gray and Dr. Hans A. Nieper (God rest his soul) for all their help, this product has truly given me my life back.
– Laurie Powers

Lithium Orotate truly is the missing link. It’s amazing how these little tablets make such a great difference in my mood. I’ve been battling depression for years and this stuff works fast and better than any of the anti-depressants I’ve been prescribed and used.
– Dimitri Stallings

I love this mineral! Finally something that is not prescription medicine to help me feel like myself whenever I feel stressed or out of sorts. I have recommended Lithium Orotate along with the video of John Gray speaking about Lithium Orotate. Everyone needs this to have this in the first-aid kit of supplements.
– Noelle Bulger

I am so happy I tried Lithium Orotate. I have been struggling with ups and downs for many years thinking it was due to menopause. The first day I took the lithium and noticed I wasn’t feeling down, I was more optimistic. I feel like my “old” self! AMAZING!!!
– Linda Fernandez

Lithium Orotate I recommend it. Its safer and more natural than regular doctor prescribed lithium. it will help but not a magic cure all but nothing is !! It helps you focus your mind so you can better monitor your mind and control your moods.
– Vicky Heaton

Works very well, stopped taking for about 3 weeks did not notice any change. Then took one better mood almost right away. Just ordered another 2 month supply.
– Kristen Yates

I take it with all my regular vitamins, but I honestly love this stuff. Its been helping for about 8 months now. I always recommend lithium orotate and always encourage my friends & family to check out this site. So happy I found products that help me with my anxiety.
– Norma DeBolt

I have been taking this new Lithium Orotate and feel better inside as well as my husband who feels the difference.
– Maggie Corkery

I have suffered from chronic depression since I was 16 years old. At age 36 it hit me hard. I started and gradually increased Prozac daily. It did help me greatly, but I felt like I plateaued. I was functional but far from happy. I could not feel any pleasure. I started taking the Lithium Orotate one pill a day. I noticed results in two weeks. I felt another set back and increased to two pills a day. I can feel joy and pleasure again. My bad days only last a few hours. I can enjoy the things I lost interest in. For me, this seems like a winning formula. I never thought I would never feel pleasure again. Always consult your doctor first, but do not be afraid to give it a try.
– Joe McNamee

Every time I’ve listened to Dr Grays suggestions, I continue to be especially happy!! Thank You!! I’ve been including this every morning…. my mood is lighter!! 🙂
– Tara Larkin

This is a great replacement (for myself) for antidepressants. I felt my mood lift and found the minimum was the best for me.
– Monique Burlage

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