How to Get More Me Time

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Be honest. You want MORE from your relationship(s). More romance, more time, more support, more (and better!) communication.

In this bestselling course by Lauren Gray you’ll discover that the relationship you’re dreaming of begins with you!

How To Get More Me-Time is a 6-week-long online course that will make you the happiest girlfriend/wife/partner possible using the magic (read: science) of the You-We-Me TimeSystem. Follow this step-by-step proven system to get everything you want and need in a relationship.

Price: $297.00



Be honest. You want MORE from your relationship(s).


More affection.

More time.

More romance.

More support.

More (and better) communication.

More all of it!


You HATE being the girlfriend/wife/partner who’s nagging, dissatisfied, irritable, and stressed, but hey! You’ve got needs too!


So what’s a romance-loving lady to do?

Focus on herself.

(Yup, I’m talking about YOU.)

Here’s why…

It involves some biological science, but I promise I’ll keep this simple.

1.     A man is motivated by success. He experiences success when you’re feeling happy. A man sees a happy woman and thinks “Hey! I could be the guy to make her happier!” and he’s motivated to try. But when he sees you tired, burnt out, irritable, insecure, unsatisfied or unfulfilled, he loses his motivation to try. And that only increases your frustration!

2.     That stress is doing more than causing rifts in your relationship, it’s also wreaking havoc on your hormones and your happiness, because stress depletes the hormones that women require for energy, happiness, passion and fulfillment.

So that frustration you’re feeling? That overwhelm and dissatisfaction?

It’s like a vicious cycle determined to mess up your relationship and keep you down.

The point is this…


The relationship you’re dreaming of?

It starts with YOU.

It starts with your well-being: A well-being that isn’t dependent on your partner, job, or friends but on YOU. Believe it or not, you have the ability to elevate your feel-good hormones and experience lasting energy, happiness, passion, and fulfillment – the kind that spreads to every area of your life (bedroom included). I even created a system to make this easy for you!


Hi, I’m Lauren Gray, relationship teacher, author, and coach, and I know exactly what you’re going through.


After years of learning from my dad John Gray (the #1 bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), studying the best university research on hormones and gender differences, working with women all over the world, and navigating my own relationship, I developed a unique (and sustainable) system for women to eliminate overwhelm, boost their feel-good hormones, and get everything they want and need in their relationship(s).

You-We-Me Time ™  is a tried-and-true system that’s based on biological science and classic MarsVenus principles. It will help you become the master of your own well-being: managing your time, your self-care, and your relationship so YOU finally come out on top. (Doesn’t that sound nice?!)


What is you-time, we-time, and me-time?


You-Time is time when you are meeting other people’s needs (at work or at home).

We-Time is time when you are experiencing intimacy and reciprocity with your partner.

Me-Time is time when you are meeting your own needs and no one else’s.

Every day you invest your time and energy towards others, yourself, or your relationship. This system was designed to ensure that you create the right balance, get what you need, and feel good– both emotionally and hormonally.

If you’re wondering how you can start implementing this system STAT, you’re in luck. I’m here to teach you everything you need to know to feel good and thrive in your relationship(s) – while getting all of the “ME” time you want (and need – because trust me, you NEED it!).


Add to Cart to get instant access to How to Get More Me-Time and discover how the You-We-Me-Time ™ system can transform your life!



How To Get More Me-Time will teach you a proven system to enhance your HAPPY, so your man can step into his role and make you even HAPPIER. True story.


Ready to make that happen?

Here’s what you’ll get when you join!

     The You-We-Me-Time System in 20+ step-by-step videos ($1000 value)

     20+ Worksheets for practical implementation and skill building ($397 value)

     6 POP quizzes for memory retention and review ($97 value)

     A warm and friendly sisterhood in our private Facebook group (fan favorite!)

     Epic Answer Vault reveals all the group coaching Q&A from past live sessions ($497 value)

     Lifetime access so you can refresh, review, or just go at your own perfect pace ($297 value)


PLUS, if you sign up now, you’ll also receive these bonuses!

     101 ME-TIME IDEAS! These suggestions will help you come up with easy, fun, nurturing activities that are designed to totally replenish you hormonally.

     75 WE-TIME ACTIVITIES! Whether you’re single or in a relationship you’ll get amazing ideas for activities you can do to fulfill the We-Time hormones and feel even more loved, supported and relaxed in your life.


     Why Me-Time is Critical For Your Calendar! It’s science, girlfriend!

     How to Make Your Cycle Your Greatest Ally. Because actually, it is!

     The Sexy Way to Ask for Me-Time. There is a way!

     A Single Lady’s Guide to Attracting The Right Partner! It starts with you.

     A Single Lady’s Guide to Support Systems. You don’t need a man for that!  

($197 value)

The total value of this course is over $2480!

Your cost is just $297. That’s it.


Whether you tend to be what I call a “Venus in Blue,” and YOU…

     Are used to marching to the tune of your own drummer.

     Prefer to do things on your own and hate asking for help. #missindependent

     Own that you’re a Type A personality, but maybe scare some men away while you’re at it…

Or you’re what I call a “Venus in Pink” and YOU…

     Hate spending time without your guy. #togetherforever

     Don’t really enjoy indulging in alone time.

     Find yourself rattled when your guy wants time without you…

We’ve got you covered with You-We-Me Time ™ , because it’s designed to help you feel good in a relationship no matter which way you sway! And I’ll be there walking you through the system, each step of the way, with 6 weeks of email guidance, motivation, and encouragement!


Ready to feel good and pump up the romance in your life?

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What You’ll Learn over 6 weeks!


All About The You-We-Me Time ™ System and how to use it to change your life and relationship so you can feel loved, happy and supported. Every. Single. Day.



Find out why this undervalued and often misunderstood “self-care” tool is critical to your health and the health of your relationship!  You’ll learn why men pull away and how your ME-TIME can bring back those loving feelings.



Putting yourself first is hard. I’ll teach you the skills to tap into your internal “alarm system” so you can always identify when ME-TIME is the most important choice for you, your work, and your relationships.



In this module, we’ll bust through the unrealistic expectations, limiting beliefs, and sneaky assumptions that interfere with you being your most loving, feel-good self. There is a way to say “no” to others without feeling guilty and you’re going to learn it this week!


Module 4: How to Optimize your HORMONES for happiness! (AKA: The You-We-Me Time ™  System)

You’ll learn how to hack into you and your partner’s uniquely different hormonal systems in order to connect in a brand new way. Not only that, this self-knowledge helps you know exactly what you need in any given moment to feel happy and fulfilled. Side-effects may include feeling like Superwoman.



Learn how you’re unknowingly pushing your support system away and your man in the process.  This is the week you drop bad relationship habits (we ALL have ‘em!) and discover a new approach that will keep you both happy and attracted for the long haul. A total win win!



This week we’ll cover the exact strategies to get your man to give you 5 star treatment in the core WE-TIME realms: Romance, Communication and Help around the house. Unlike most strategies out there, these are completely practical and sustainable because they work with your gender differences to create a momentum of success that grows long after you complete the course.


Enroll now and Get Instant Access to the complete How to Get More Me-Time program!


Or you can continue working your booty off at your relationship(s) and wondering why it’s not getting any better… but I don’t think you want to do that anymore!



“My partner is now ready to get married, the me-time activities have done miracles!!!”

“I’ve been a student of personal development, spirituality, and relationships for years and this program allowed me to see the world in a completely new way.

Before this program, I thought that men and women needed to sacrifice a bit of themselves to make their relationship work. I used to think “Men are all the same. I’ve tried everything!” Now I know I can transform my relationship and GUIDE my partner to meet my needs. I feel empowered as I understand my partner and myself better and use these tools to get the support I need. Lauren opened my eyes!

I was surprised by how fast my stress levels decreased thanks to these small shifts in perspective! I was also surprised by my partner’s positive reaction when I applied some simple principles right in the beginning. Using my new tools, he has done an outstanding job at meeting my needs for more communication, more intimacy, more, more everything. And after four years, my partner is now ready to get married (the me-time activities have done miracles!!!)

“Don’t waste any more time fighting, being frustrated or losing good relationships to simple misunderstandings…Sign up for this program today!”

Claire Montazeaud
[VENUS IN BLUE] Freelance translator, seaman’s girlfriend
(Newly-wed since the program!)



“If you’re single and you’re looking for complete clarity on how to be in a fulfilling relationship, how to take charge of your happiness without depending on a man, sign up!”

“I have been diligently looking for science based relationship advice for two years to show me how to be more “laid back” in a relationship but advice out there is just too general! I’m so happy I joined this course.

Before this program I thought “I am a crazy, needy, and insecure woman.” Now I know that my different phases of hormones influence my experience, therefore, I understand how to choose activities, nutrients, and exercises to help me become my emotionally best self!

I used to approach relationships with disempowering beliefs and expectations about myself, relationship, and the guy but this course helped me to create my own happiness with or without a guy.

One of the biggest shifts I’ve seen is that I have a more balanced view about my romantic life therefore, I can make more rational/conscious choices when it comes to choosing the right life partner; I am no longer hijacked by my emotions.

This course is easy to understand but so so powerful. I’ve worked with other dating coaches before and I have felt disempowered and discouraged by the experience; working with Lauren in this program is so empowering! I love myself more, I feel more confident with men and I am no longer afraid of being single.

If you’re single and you’re looking for complete clarity on how to be in a fulfilling relationship, how to take charge of your happiness without depending on a man, sign up! This course Lauren created is beyond helpful.”

Jihane Mochamad
[VENUS IN PINK] engaged employee, busy mom



“He initiates romance with me and I feel so loved and understood.”

“At first I wasn’t sure this was the solution to my relationship problems. I thought, “How could an online program be the most efficient way to fix this?” I was so surprised by my results. My life has changed since following Lauren’s program.

When I signed up for this class, I wasn’t in good shape; I was depressed and sure that my life was falling apart. In my relationship I felt alone and misunderstood. I thought I could improve my relationship by myself and that I just had to try harder. When I began this course my relationship was almost dead.

Since the program, all this has changed. Before I thought that the problems came from my boyfriend (he didn’t make enough efforts, he didn’t understand me)…Now I know that I am also responsible for the well-being of my relationship! I studied all the modules, took action on the tips and they worked!

He’s really changing, he’s making lots of efforts, he initiates romance with me and I feel so loved and understood.

If you have a chance to join this program, do it! Even if you think it won’t help, do it. Just for you. 6 weeks down the road, you’ll thank yourself for saying Yes!”

Anne Robert
[VENUS IN PINK] Optimistic girlfriend, addicted to me-time!



“Now I’m in a healthier relationship with my man, but also with myself.”

“To be honest, I didn’t think that a lack of me-time was my problem, so I wasn’t sure if the class would really help me. I’m glad I took the plunge! I’ve benefited from this program in every way.

I’m no newbie. I’ve taken 4 other courses geared toward personal growth and spiritual transformation, and this was by far the most valuable! I’m SOOOO much more independent and in love with myself now and way more relaxed about my relationship. I have a much deeper understanding of myself and what a real loving relationship is all about.

As I sat with the videos (which are short and fabulous btw), I was surprised to uncover a deep bitterness toward the masculine that I had unconsciously been holding as a barrier to intimacy. With Lauren’s help I was able to find compassion for my man and that was really healing.

Now I’m in a healthier relationship with my man, but also with myself. I know myself so much more deeply, I’m not afraid to be honest with myself and I’m learning to be truly vulnerable.

If even a tiny part of you is considering joining this program, you’ve got to go for it! You’ll learn so much about yourself and how to be a more conscious, loving, feel-good, balanced womanist!”

-Jesse Powers
[VENUS IN BLUE] Musician, girlfriend, feel-good womanist!



“If you’re sick of feeling insecure in love and you want to feel powerful, confident, and well loved, join this program.”

“Since joining this program, I’ve gotten rid of unrealistic expectations that do not serve me, my partner or my relationship. I used to be like a “nagging” and “needy” girl. Looking at my phone all the time, thinking why he doesn’t send me a text? Now I can cherish my me-time and his me-time. I’m free of resentment and boy, does it feel good!

I used to think I should get angry at him in order for him to change and do better for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I have real tools that actually work.

If you’re sick of feeling insecure in love and relationships and you want to feel powerful, confident, and well loved, I highly recommend joining this program.”

-Kyungeun Kim



“After years of struggling with depression, I’m happier and more content with myself than ever before!”

“Spending so much money on a course gave me pause but then I realized it’s only 3 sessions with my psychologist. And wow, it was more than worth it!! Working through this course has changed my life in a phenomenal way. I’m happier and more content with myself than ever before.

I’ve struggled with major depression for years and I believed Me-Time was a weakness and a source of shame. Now, with my new tools, Me Time enriches my life with self confidence, self-love and happiness. Something big has shifted within me and I feel so hopeful.

The worksheet exercises were my favorite! The practicality of this course has benefitted both my husband and me. I’ve stopped nitpicking and instead I can focus on all the things he does to make me happy. We are both feeling more friendly and I am experiencing more security, happiness, and intimacy in our marriage.

Though it is an online course, the Facebook group and weekly emails from Lauren give you a sense of not being alone while you do this profound self-work. I would definitely recommend this course to any woman who struggles feeling happy and fulfilled in herself and is ready to enjoy her life and relationship in a brand new way.”

[VENUS IN BLUE] Mother of 3, Married 31 years




“It brings a tear to my eye to see that the love and support was there all along I just didn’t know how to access it. ”

“Hypnosis, EFT, journaling, counseling and many self-help books have taken me a long way but there were still sticking points I couldn’t conquer. And frankly I wasn’t sure an online program could give me the depth of transformation and support I was looking for.

Lauren’s program went above and beyond! Gosh I learned so much! Men and women really are different and now I know that’s a good thing! The tools and techniques Lauren teaches you, they work. My relationship immediately became a lot more lighthearted and fun.

Before this program I thought my boyfriend was un-supportive and un-romantic. Now I think he’s been trying his best to make me happy this whole time, he just didn’t know how…because I didn’t know how to show him. It brings a tear to my eye to see that the love and support was there all along I just didn’t know how to access it.

Looking back, so much of my life I’ve forced myself to continue on a path regardless of how I feel. Now I have the courage to be true to myself and I am consciously making choices to support my You-We-Me-Time needs. As a result, I am a LOT more consistently happy, confident, and relaxed.

It’s difficult to put into words how I’ve gone from feeling utterly despondent and depressed to feeling lighthearted, hopeful and empowered with tools.

If you’re thinking of joining this inspired course, DO. You, your partner and your whole family will thank you for it. I’m so grateful for the wonderful support I’ve received here. It has made and is continuing to make a huge impact on my life for the better.”

-Lara Clifford
[VENUS IN PINK] Intrepid human being in search for wisdom, happiness and fulfillment



“I thought ‘we need counseling, we need a break through, we need something big!’ I had no idea what I was getting into…”

“When I came across Lauren’s me-time program, I thought, ‘that will be a good thing to learn some day, but I have bigger issues in my life and relationship right now than me-time! We need counseling, we need a break through, we need something big!’

But I had no idea what I was getting into! I expected some helpful tips, but as soon as I started this course, things started to change. Resentment started to melt away, and my happiness level sky rocketed!  I suddenly I felt more empowered in everything I did, and I remembered what brings me joy.

I had never realized that every issue in my life, every problem in my relationship, or feeling of dissatisfaction was all because I didn’t have the you-we-me-time system. LITERALLY every one.

The tension and resentment has faded away and I feel like his girlfriend again! I feel like I am the girl that he fell in love with, and that makes life more fun! It is a HUGE deal!

Even with all of the positive changes, soul searching, and introspection of this course, it still feels fun and easy!! It really is amazing! It is so worth the investment in yourself!!”

Micah McCasland
Nashville TN Vocal Coach, married to and building a business with my best friend.



“Thanks to my new tools, I feel in abundance of support!”

“I was not sure if me-time or the lack of me-time was my problem. I knew I was unhappy, and I knew something was wrong. But I wasn’t sure what. Now everything is different than it was before.

The biggest changes I’ve seen are that men feel comfortable with me now. I am happy with myself and my life. I’ve entered cooperation and connection with men and let go of my angst-induced barriers that kept me isolated. I’m not so exhausted anymore. I put myself first, always, no matter what. And thanks to my new tools, I feel in abundance of support!

Lauren has an incredible talent to bring wisdom and insights close to people, in a practical and hands-on way. You can expect understanding, surprises, and solutions you never would have known existed to seemingly “unfixable” problems.

I’m telling every woman that crosses my path: Join Me-Time! Yes, this is the right choice! Go for it without fear, you will learn how to be happy with yourself, your life, and the man in your life. It is worth every Euro. Do it, do not think more about it, it will pay you back a thousand times.”

[VENUS IN BLUE] Single, Professional, Mother of two, Finally finding happiness in my relationships!


Ready to love your me-time, your relationship, and your life?
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How am I going to learn? Do you have to attend the classes LIVE or are they recordings?


How to Get More Me-Time is an online program where you can watch the pre-recorded videos and learn from your computer any time of the day or night. You can even listen on the go via the audio downloads. My goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Once you enroll in the course, you can access your training through your “My courses” page anytime at MarsVenus.com. Each module is filled with step-by-step training videos, action step worksheets, and result-oriented quizzes.  


What does “Lifetime Access” mean? Do I have continual use of the program after I go through it?


“Lifetime Access” means for a one time fee you have continual access to the program provided A) you still have a MarsVenus account and B) we still offer the course. You can have peace of mind knowing you can take this course at your own pace and also re-take it over and over again as long as these two conditions are met. 🙂 


I don’t have a ton of free time right now, is this a good time to sign up for the course?


YES! I made this course VERY real-life friendly. The lessons are short and can be broken up into bite size pieces. Videos range from 5-15 minutes long. They’re really easy to fit in whenever you’ve got a moment. (On average, this course should only take you about 1 hour a week to go through. That’s less than 10 minutes a day!)

…And because of the unique teaching style of the course, my participants see results as early as their first week, which makes making time for the course (and themselves), even easier!


Does my partner have to take the course too in order for it to work for us?

No. Your partner doesn’t need to take the course in order for it to work for your relationship. In fact, he doesn’t even need to know about it! Because when you approach your partner with these new tools and insights, he will automatically respond to you with the love you want.


I’m single and don’t currently have a man in my life. Will I be able to benefit from this course?


Absolutely! You don’t need to be coupled up in order to feel great with the You-We-Me-Time ™ system. About 40% of the students who have gone through the program were single when they signed up. Most have already gone on to find, attract, and create their ideal relationships. And those that haven’t YET, are enjoying their new-found relationships with themselves and the men they meet.

If you’re smart, you learn how to get your needs met BEFORE you jump into a relationship, otherwise you end up repeating past patterns that don’t serve you. My dad always says, “If you were planning on skiing an expert slope, you wouldn’t jump right into it or you’d get hurt. You would take lessons first to ensure a feel-good experience.” Relationships are no different!

I’ve also provided two bonus videos specifically to show my single ladies exactly how to take action on these tools when there’s no man in their lives.


My partner and I already have plenty of “me” time. I’m frustrated and hurt at the lack of “us” time and I keep pushing him away further. Will this program “fix” what’s wrong with us?

If the love is there and you show up for the lessons and worksheets, this course will deepen your intimacy and bring you closer together.

“Me-Time,” isn’t just time apart from your partner (that already feels familiar and it’s probably not working). “Me-Time,” in the way we use it in the course, is about making it easy for him to succeed, and motivating him to meet your needs. Most importantly, it’s about giving you the tools you need to optimize your hormones for happiness and fulfillment. “Me-time” alone cannot do this, but the You-We-Me Time ™ System can.

He doesn’t need to be internally motivated to “fix” anything in order for him to start participating in this relationship in a new and exciting way. My course shows you exactly, step-by-step, with tons of examples, how to approach your partner to get the results you want.

This means, you don’t just get more “us time” where he might scan his phone or act distant. You’ll get more quality, intimate, reciprocal and mutually fulfilling We-Time.


Is this going to be worth my time?


You will never regret the time you spend learning how to have a fulfilling relationship; exploring the ways you inadvertently push your partner away so that you can self-correct and open the doors to love. You’ll never regret saying YES to more intimacy in your relationship and more love in your life.

I can stand by the power of this work because I practice it myself and I get to live the benefits every day. My Me-Time participants stand with me. It’s worth it to them because they showed up, watched the videos and did the worksheets. If you treat this course like it’s worth your time, it will be.


This program may work for other women, but what if it doesn’t work for me?

How to Get More Me-Time
comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. THAT’s how confident I am in this program and in YOUR ability to create personal happiness and fulfillment with the support given.


This sounds great! What happens after I purchase?


You will receive an email receipt for your records, as well as an invitation to join the private Facebook group (optional), and an email with instructions to access Module One of the course! You will then receive weekly emails to guide you through your 6 week experience. See you on the inside!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected]
and I or my assistant will be happy to answer them.


With love,


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