The 7th Annual Biohacking Conference – Beverly Hills (April 16-18, 2021)

John Gray will be a main stage panelist at the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference in Beverly Hills, CA.

This conference is one-of-a-kind and attracts one of the most incredible communities dedicated to fulfilling human potential from all around the world. 

Join John, Dave Asprey, (the creator of everything Bulletproof) and other incredible partners at a momentous 3-day event that connects you to the world’s most innovative minds in the field of biohacking. 

The conference includes…

  • The newest and best human optimization technology available today 
  • Bulletproof-friendly luncheons 
  • Meaningful parties with an incredible tribe of like-minded humans committed to optimization, connection, and growth
  • Practical wisdom and leading-edge new information from the world’s leaders and top game-changers— Amy Purdy, Kyle Cease, Catherine Hoke, Dave Asprey, BJ Fogg, and more
  • Breakout sessions and intimate, interactive conversations with masters at the top of their fields
  • Morning workout, breathwork, and meditation guided by world-class trainers


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