Hi, I'm Lauren

Relationship teacher, writer, & coach. And... I'm John Gray's daughter. I've studied MarsVenus insights my entire life and have used them to build the most remarkable relationship. Now I can't wait to help you create your ideal love!

If you’re looking to strengthen your current relationship or finally attract the love of your life, you’re in the right place!


With Lauren’s advice, I’ve successfully avoided most of the pitfalls of dating and am now engaged to my soulmate! Every time an issue has come up, Lauren’s newsletter was right there addressing exactly what I was going through!


Lauren demonstrates with fun and humor how we are sometimes our own worst enemies! As a Venusian, learning to speak Martian is at the top of my “to do” list!


I can easily relate to Lauren’s explanations. Her in depth understanding manages to make mysterious actions and motivations simple and easy to understand.


Daughter of a Relationship Icon

You know the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (also known as the best-selling relationship book of all time)? Yep. My dad wrote that. It literally changed the modern understanding of what men and women each need in a relationship to truly thrive

I grew up watching my dad teach relationship workshops all over the world and learning things most 8-year-olds never hear. Throughout school, I became the go-to “expert” for relationship advice and always had a lesson for anyone who would listen!

Now, being the daughter of John Gray didn’t make me some sort of relationship prodigy. Far from it! I’ve made mistakes, experienced heartache, and had my fair share of disappointments. But I always had the support I needed to grow from those experiences. My Dad was always there for me, and would show me what went wrong, and how I could create a better experience the next time. Because of that unique support, my relationships have continued to be more fulfilling.

For the past 10 years, my Dad and I have worked together to help individuals and couples build the relationship of their dreams. And now I’m here to support YOU!

LOVE is your birthright

I know it can be easy to say “well, true love must not be in my cards,” But that’s SO NOT TRUE. Love is your birthright! You are totally worthy and capable of finding and sustaining the love of your life, you just need a little guidance (Trust me, we all do!) I’m here to help lead the way.

I teach people how to attract, create, reboot or sustain, fulfilling relationships using the unique strategy of leveraging and understanding the differences between men and women. And I do so in a safe, down to earth, laughter filled, environment!

The Bad Word

“DIFFERENCE” has become a bad word.

The word has come to suggest inequality. One MUST be better, smarter, stronger, cooler than the other.

So. Not. True.

But I get it, for centuries men and women have been told we’re different and those differences HAVE lead to inequality. So while I fully understand this resistance, I think it’s time to look at these differences…well, differently.

The truth is: Men and women are fundamentally different: from our brains to our hormones to our primary love needs to our communication styles.

When we deny these differences and refuse to learn about them, we create giant blind spots in our relationships. We misinterpret and judge our partner’s actions, we react defensively and thoughtlessly and sabotage our own happiness.

I’m here to help replace the misunderstandings that keep us apart, with acceptance, respect, appreciation, and compassion. With this awareness and respect of our “differences,” we can reach TRUE equality and begin the journey of growing in love together.


  • Understand the opposite sex
    Relate with empathy and clarity.
  • Improve communication
    Goodbye, bickering. Hello, feeling heard.
  • Date with confidence
    Discover the love you deserve!
  • Find your soulmate
    Attract the right kind of relationships into your life.
  • Feel totally fulfilled in your relationship
    Express your full self and grow in love!

And above all, I’m here to show you how love can be your GREATEST ALLY, whether it’s self-love or love with a committed partner.

Through the latest science of stress hormones, gender differences, and clear communication, I demystify the opposite sex so that you can get your needs met in a relationship without sacrificing who you are!

I remove the anxiety, and “The Game” and replace it with practical tools for honest, clear, get-what-you-want communication.

Ready to learn how? Sign up for my free course: How to Get Everything You Want In Relationships and start using these new tools today!


MarsVenus insights have benefitted millions of people from all cultures, all over the world and continue to help more people every day. We’re talking about fundamental differences between men and women that transcend age, race, culture, and creed.

Now, that does not mean we’re going to teach you old-fashioned, rigid gender norms. Heck no! Being in a strong relationship is all about allowing the freedom for both partners to fully express their TRUE SELVES. There’s plenty of room for individuality, cultural influences, modern soul-mate standards, and personal self-expression.

I’m here to help you build your special and unique love on a rock-solid foundation of understanding and assurance. No boxes required (or even allowed)!


Great relationships are more than just a change in your “relationship status.”

A great relationship will support you, and help you come ALIVE. It should be a safe haven to rest and recuperate from the stress of day-to-day life. It’s the fire to motivate you to charge out into the world with full confidence in your personal worth and purpose.

My partner Glade and I have been together 9+ years and it just gets better every day. As we grow individually, we also grow together. We are a loving, devoted partnership and always have each other’s backs.

Now, we weren’t just hit with the lucky love lightening. We didn’t just stumble into success or ‘good-intention’ our way into strength. Instead, we continue to work consciously to keep our relationship growing, using MarsVenus communication practices and gender insights every day. We can point to each step we took and each skill we cultivated to build this beautiful relationship.

Now I want to pay it forward and help you build a relationship that reveals your best self!


John Gray, the Mars Venus team, and I, are all deeply committed to helping you attract, create and nurture the love that is your birthright. We are compassionate, fun, straightforward people and we are standing in your corner, rooting for you all the way.

Through videos, blogs, books, online Academy courses, and groundbreaking live events, you’ll learn down to earth practical insight and wisdom that will change your life forever.

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Grow in love,