Mars and Venus In The Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion

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Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion by John Gray, Ph.D.

Mars and Venus in the Bedroom covers everything from how to create passionate monogamy and rekindle sexual desires when couples are having less sex to an explanation of how to have polarity sex through which both partners experience optimum fulfillment. Throughout this book, John discusses dressing for sex, phone sex, passionate love letters, the importance of quickies and romantic getaways.

John asserts that it is through sex that a man’s heart opens, allowing him to experience both his loving feelings and his hunger for love as well. Ironically, it is sex that allows a man to feel his need for love, while it is receiving love that helps a woman feel her hunger for sex. Certainly, a man can feel loved in other ways, but the most powerful way a woman’s love can touch his soul and open his heart is through great sex.

Many books address the mechanics of sex, Mars and Venus in the Bedroom addresses the mechanics of making sure you have sex. Quite commonly, after having been married for several years, one partner stops wanting sex. Although the partner feels as if he or she has simply lost interest, the apparent disinterest is really caused because certain conditions for desiring sex are not being met. Through new approaches to communicating, the reader learns how to initiate sex in ways that assure that both their sexual needs and the needs of their partner are satisfied.

The bottom line of what makes sex fulfilling and memorable for a man is a woman’s fulfillment. But John says that women are like the moon in that their sexual experience is always waxing or waning. A man needs reasonable expectations. Sometimes, regardless of what great love he is, she will not have an orgasm. She is not only unable to have an orgasm, but she may not even want one. Men don’t instinctively understand this because men are like the sun. “Every morning,” John writes, “it rises with a big smile!”

Harper Collins: 224 pages

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