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Are you taking estrogen, or at the very least, considering it?
The challenge here is that there are risks to taking hormones.
If you’re curious about alternatives or wondering how to make more estrogen naturally to improve your mood and energy, this post is for you!
You’ll learn why low estrogen in women is such a common problem, the giant blind spot in the way we’re approaching low estrogen, and the 2-punch approach you can use to balance your hormones — naturally!
May 11, 2020 | Wellness
Social media allows us to stay connected with family and friends, see what they’re up to, and enjoy photos of loved ones and their families and vacations
However, there is also a bad and even dangerous side, and I want to share the big “red flags” you want to watch out for, why they can be problematic, and what you can do about them.
In this post, I’m going to share the most important aspects you need to know, and what you can do to protect yourself, stay healthy, and continue to build fulfilling relationships.
April 13, 2020 | Wellness