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It’s not easy when a girlfriend texts her ex, but it’s important to maintain your cool. Otherwise, she might start to question her feelings for you.
The foundation of any relationship is trust. Without trust, a relationship cannot grow through the five stages of dating and develop into a soul mate relationship.
Watch my video to learn how to move past the feelings of jealousy so you both can to grow deeper in love in your own relationship.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
Every relationship is different and evolves at a different pace.
So when should you bring up the idea of exclusivity in a relationship?
This blog explains when to have “the talk” with someone you have been dating.
In my video, I discuss the right way to bring up exclusivity so neither of you gets hurt feelings. I also give a great solution for people who have already had sex with their partner but still need to discuss being exclusive.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
The pain of breaking up a romantic relationship is strongest when it comes as a surprise. One day, you think everything is fine, and the next day you are blindsided by a breakup talk.
It is hard for some people to recognize the warning signs that a relationship is having trouble.
Watch my video to learn how to avoid all of the Four Rs in your relationships.
July 23, 2018 | Relationship
The first date is critical for determining whether you have chemistry with someone.
Some women worry that if they kiss on the first date, men will think they’re easy. Others feel that if they don’t kiss on the first date, the men will think they are not interested when they are.
Watch my video to learn how you can move at your own pace on a first date and still create intimacy and interest for a second date.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
Many women in long-term relationships wonder if their boyfriends are going to propose.
Before he proposes, he needs to feel confident that he can provide for you and make you happy.
This video blog explains how to give a guy the message that he makes you happy and you would love for him to pop the question, without actually telling him.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
For many men and women, the thought of never having to hear another complaint sounds like heaven. But complaints are a part of life.
To not complain is to hide a part of our authentic self.
This blog explains the how to upgrade your communication skills to be able to share a complaint with your partner in a way that makes them feel supported rather than criticized or controlled.
July 23, 2018 | Relationship
Affairs are painful. They can feel like terrible betrayals.
Affairs shatter the romantic myth that if someone loves me, I am the only person they could ever want.
This is true and beautiful, but it is also an illusion.
This blog explains what to do if your partner cheats on you and how to avoid affairs in the first place.
July 20, 2018 | Relationship
A major challenge in most relationships is learning how to accept and understand our common gender differences in order to improve communication and restore the romance.
The bigger challenge to our modern relationships is how to balance the expression of our male and female sides to lower our stress and create a relationship that is passionate and lasts a lifetime – a Soul Mate relationship.
July 20, 2018 | Relationship
How to get closure after a breakup was not the first question I had after my heart was broken but it was the most important.
I say, BE with the pain. Process the pain in a healthy way so that you can HEAL.
Closure isn’t a band-aid on the pain, it is the healing of the wound itself.
In this episode and blog, I’m going to show you how to get closure after a breakup in 8 thoroughly healing and practical steps.
July 18, 2018 | Relationship
Many couples struggle with having good communication in a relationship. When a man doesn’t tell a woman certain things, it's probably because she hasn't made it safe for him to tell her.
In this video, I explain the 5 Cs — the things a woman unknowingly does in an attempt to change him or improve him that turns off a man and stops him from telling her certain things.
July 13, 2018 | Relationship