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Everything is going great! And then out of the blue, she suddenly pulls away, acts cold and indifferent, maybe even says things that are hurtful, says she needs “space.”
In this blog, I’m going to teach you all about the Girl Cave, why it’s a crucial element to a healthy relationship (good job!), and how to communicate around this phenomenon so that no one’s feelings get hurt.
August 27, 2018 | Dating
She’s a catch, maybe she’s got multiple offers on the table — should the nice guy roll over and say “good guys finish last” or should he stay in the ring and fight for her affection?
I’m going to show you why she’s currently ambivalent to you, how women really choose a mate (it’s not what you think!), how to win the day AND how a good guy is the perfect material for the “real man” she’s looking for.
August 27, 2018 | Dating
You had a great night. One thing led to another and you slept together. It was nice. He said he’d call. He didn’t.
You’re not alone. You’re in great company. But there is a lesson to be learned here.
We’re going to get some healing clarity on why he didn’t call and what you can do next time you like a guy so that you nurture a lasting connection.
August 27, 2018 | Dating
The anxiety of “How can I grow in this relationship if I’m not having sex with him? How can I have sex with him when I’m afraid of pain and have body image issues!?!?!”
I’m going to show you how to move through your anxieties around sex so that you can grow in love without any pressure or unrealistic expectations around sex.
August 27, 2018 | Dating
Suddenly, they’re not interested anymore, and they want to break up.
One minute, hot and heavy, sunshine and rainbows, and the next minute — you’re dumped. Hello confusion, broken heart, and take out “for one”...again.
In this blog, I’m going to show you the real reason you’re single, the real reason you got dumped, and the real way to find your Mr. or Ms. Right.
August 9, 2018 | Dating
It’s not easy when a girlfriend texts her ex, but it’s important to maintain your cool. Otherwise, she might start to question her feelings for you.
The foundation of any relationship is trust. Without trust, a relationship cannot grow through the five stages of dating and develop into a soul mate relationship.
Watch my video to learn how to move past the feelings of jealousy so you both can to grow deeper in love in your own relationship.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
Every relationship is different and evolves at a different pace.
So when should you bring up the idea of exclusivity in a relationship?
This blog explains when to have “the talk” with someone you have been dating.
In my video, I discuss the right way to bring up exclusivity so neither of you gets hurt feelings. I also give a great solution for people who have already had sex with their partner but still need to discuss being exclusive.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
The first date is critical for determining whether you have chemistry with someone.
Some women worry that if they kiss on the first date, men will think they’re easy. Others feel that if they don’t kiss on the first date, the men will think they are not interested when they are.
Watch my video to learn how you can move at your own pace on a first date and still create intimacy and interest for a second date.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
Many women in long-term relationships wonder if their boyfriends are going to propose.
Before he proposes, he needs to feel confident that he can provide for you and make you happy.
This video blog explains how to give a guy the message that he makes you happy and you would love for him to pop the question, without actually telling him.
July 23, 2018 | Dating
Mr. Cool. He “says” he’s not ready for a relationship but he’s all over you! Flirty, sweet, kind, attentive, thoughtful, boyfriendy, charming…
And then, silent, cold, indifferent.
What is up with this guy? And why do men do this?
I’m going to reveal the exact reasons why he does everything he’s doing, and I’ll show you how to approach him so that your connection grows warm and stays warm.
June 26, 2018 | Dating