Are you wondering how to get a girl out of your league? Because the ones you fall for are always are, right?
You dig down deep for courage, you make your move (usually some kind of text, email, dating, or social media app) and then…
Crickets. Or worse, she turns you down directly. Ouch.
I’m going to show you the AMAZING 3-minute secret to getting the women you are interested in to show an interest in you.
May 20, 2020 | Dating
Whether you’re married or not, figuring out how to get what you want from a man in a relationship can be a complicated business!
It’s inevitable that you’ll be confronted with habits and ways that don’t fit with your intuitive way of doing things (or flat out upset you!) You need something to change but how do you get what you want?
I’ll show you how to use your unique “Venus” talents to get what you want from a man.
The best part? All it takes is a simple communication tweak. Once you learn it, the sky’s the limit.
May 8, 2020 | Relationship
You sense something is wrong, but he won’t tell you about it.
You encourage him to share his feelings, but all you get is radio silence. He’s such a Cave Man!
You’re starting to question everything you’ve ever done or said to him: Is it me?
If only you knew how to get through to him, you could stop stressing and start helping!
And I agree. So in this blog, I’m going to show you 3 things every woman must know about men and emotions.
April 24, 2020 | Relationship
It’s hard finding Mr. Right.
You hear, “Don’t settle for less,” and you feel empowered to have high standards for a partner.
But then you hear messages like, “Don’t wait for Mr. Perfect; there’s no such thing,” and it’s easy to turn on those beautiful standards and accuse yourself of being TOO picky!
I’ll show you how to determine whether or not it’s a dealbreaker and how to discover if he’s Mr. Perfect-for-You after all.
March 13, 2020 | Dating
Those quiet moments when you get really honest with yourself and you realize…he’s losing interest.
Terrifying!!! I’ve been there. Everything is great until he pulls away from cuddling, he doesn’t say sweet things anymore, your sex life is suffering, and you’re afraid this might be the beginning of the end.
I’m going to show you how understanding the 3 Rs of relationships can reverse the damage AND bring you back together again with passion, interest, and lasting attraction.
Here's an actual real-life practical solution to your big ass relationship problem, and you need every word of it.
February 28, 2020 | Dating
Women want to be pursued but we lose attraction when a man is “clingy.” When does pursuing a woman morph into chasing her away? When does the knight-in-shining-armor become that creepy guy who can’t take a hint?
You're about to get clarity. In this blog, I’m going to give you the strategy to ensure you don’t come across as desperate, needy, or clingy but rather as the cool confident catch that you are!
There is a way to ask her out so that she’s excited to get a call from you. You’re going to learn it right now.
February 14, 2020 | Dating
When he doesn’t open up and share, it feels like you’re trying to create intimacy with a brick wall.
You are unsatisfied and need to get him to open up in order to connect and feel like you’re in a fulfilling relationship. After all, you’ve got needs!!
Many of our most honest attempts to connect with our men end up in even MORE disconnection!
I’m going to show you 4 ways to improve the quality of your communication to fulfill your need for a connection that leaves you both satisfied.
January 18, 2020 | Dating
You’re in love with your best friend. Of course, you are, she’s amazing!
You talk all the time, you have so much fun together, and now, you want to take it to the next level.
Problem is, how do you tell her? Do you risk everything and tell her? What if she already has a boyfriend or crush? Where do you fit in?
In this post, I’m going to help you understand her point of view, show you how to communicate around these feelings so you don’t ruin the friendship, and ultimately how to get the relationship you’re looking for.
November 15, 2019 | Relationship
With so much misinformation out there and conflicting ideas about “what women want,” no wonder a guy might feel a little lost before a first date.
You may not know her yet or you may know her but not in *this* kind of context. What you do know is that you like her, you want to show her a nice time and you’d like a real shot at being her boyfriend.
So in this post, I’m giving you 15 simple steps to follow on the first date to have her begging for a second.
September 15, 2019 | Dating
Want a successful relationship? I’ll let you in on a secret.
It’s how you react to the imperfections that decide what kind of relationship you have.
These “mistake” moments are opportunities for us. We can make choices that support us in deeper intimacy or we can make choices that push us further apart.
In this post, I’ll show you what to do when your partner lets you down so that you can grow in love and open-heartedness as the years roll by.
September 11, 2019 | Relationship